HAF Forest Services provides a wide range of services within the scope of forest resource management.  Our highly skilled staff work closely with clients and employ a results oriented approach to ensure efficient, cost effective project completion in all aspects of timber development, from road & cutblock layout to Site Plan document preparation and operational mapping.


  • Timber Reconnaissance Evaluations
  • Road and Cutblock Layout for various Silviculture and Harvesting Systems (Conventional, Heli, Visually Sensitive, Rentention)
  • Field Surveying using GPS
  • Cedar Banding
  • Total Chance Planning/Operability and Feasibility Studies
  • Cutting Permits & Road Permit Preparation and Application
  • Road Reconstruction/Deactivation Planning and Costing
  • Bridge (Simple Crossings) Site Surveys, Design, Construction Supervision, and Inspections
  • Timber Valuation
  • Riparian Management Plans
  • Windthrow Assessments
  • Karst Assessments

GIS Mapping

  • Forest Road Construction Maps
  • Harvest Plan Maps
  • Cruise Plan Maps
  • Silviculture Maps
  • Visual Impact Analysis
  • Recreational Trail Maps
  • LiDAR Analysis & Planning


  • Site Plan Preparation
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Brushing Layout
  • Operational Silviculture Surveys, Assessments, and Reporting (Including: Regeneration, Green-up, and Free to Grow)

UAVs / Aerial Drones

  • Partnership with SuavAir
  • Free to Grow Surveys / Green-up Surveys
  • Brush Assessments
  • High Resolution Orthomosiac Maps (ArcGIS / GoogleEarth / Cloud)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Landslide Assessment
  • Log Boom Counts
  • Incident Investigation
  • Stockpile Calculations
  • Dry Land Sort Monitoring
  • Woody Debris Landfill Mapping
  • Visual Impact Assessment imagery collection